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Straight Gutta ENT (SGE) was founded in 2008,by Christopher "Big-C" Smith. SGE currently has Ka$h, Money Mafia (Fetty & J.S.T.), Yung Thrax, Yung Irk and LouiVet on the SGE Line up. Straight Gutta ENT is well know around the area of Cobb County,GA. They are always doing apearence's at clubs in the area and in Atlanta. There currently trying to get signed,Working hard everyday in the studio,getting atleast a track per day. Big-C bought the Studio in February 2009 and made SGE Studios. At the time Royalty Boyz was his only artist. As Royalty Boyz got bigger and know more,the group feel apart (as well as one member becoming a DEA Agent,So he had to be let go) Big-C almost quit making music but he keep it moving,going from nothing to having a whole SGE Street Team,becoming and meeting big time artist,Shawty Lo,Gorilla Zoe,Lil Scrappy,T.I.,B.O.B.,Young Jeezy,Shop Boyz and many more.Also getting there songs played at clubs,strip clubs and other places,SGE is on there way to the big time. The first SGE Mixtape was released on 8/18/2009 and is also on iTunes. Other SGE Artist Ka$h Money Mafia (Fetty & S.T.),Yung Thrax,Yung Irk, And LouiVet have all been working hard trying to get there own mixtapes finished. In November 2009 Straight Gutta ENT started the "Flood'n Da Streetz" Mixtapes. Flood'N Da Streets is a free mixtape that SGE releases every month or every other month, with around 10 tracks on it. Flood'n Da Streetz mixtapes are also online now. Straight Gutta ENT only makes 500 of the Flood'n Da Streetz mixtapes per volume.